Our TalkSystem® for simultaneous interpretation provides a long-term, affordable, interpretation/translation system for schools, churches, community meetings or anywhere you need your message to be heard.

The TalkSystem provides clear, quiet and accurate communication between a speaker and a multilingual audience without distraction, interruption or misunderstanding.

Unlike other vendors, we do not provide “boxed”, restricted, or fixed-size systems. With 6 different types of systems available (with different capabilities and uses) it is best to request a proposal to start the discussion on the best system for you. We are happy to make any adjustments and changes to your proposal at any time.

TalkSystem is ideal for any meeting requiring language translation services

  • Seminars or conferences
  • PTA or school board meetings
  • Parent-Teacher meetings where parents have limited English
  • Community or neighborhood gatherings
  • Courtrooms
  • Employee training
  • On-site healthcare and medical interpreters
  • Hi-Noise Investor Environments: worksites, factories, sporting events

Interpretation is not only for language; Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) for the Hard of Hearing (HOH) allows listeners to hear any speaker clearly, without interference. Other specialized equipment for the HOH is also available

Our TalkSystem equipment is currently used in all 50 States and over 20 Countries by: law enforcement, military, first responders, hospitals, schools, corporations, government and NGO agencies.

Our transmitters and receivers are backed by a lifetime warranty!

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Hear what the professionals are saying.

  • “This new technology will convince the present generation that regardless of their dictation style, they can get great results with speech recognition. After bench testing this mask, I can tell you, without hesitation or qualification, that it will greatly accelerate the commoditization of voice within the reporting industry. Speech recognition technology is now within every voice writer’s reach.”

    Dave Rogala CCR, CSR, CVR-CM
  • Dear Talk Tech Thank you for the wonderful surprise, my new Steno SR Pro. I spent quite a bit of time testing the mask and I'm thrilled to report it is even better than the previous SmartMic design. Your claims are correct on all fronts. It's considerably lighter and quieter. The speech recognition accuracy is amazing and I love the new sleeker, streamlined design. Court reporters will be very pleased! In my opinion there was no need to come up with a new mask design, yet you guys did and made it remarkably better. Congratulations, very high tech!  

    Bettye Keyes CCR, CSR, CVR-M, RVR
  • “I got your mask last week and I absolutely love it!!!!  I am never going back to my mini-mask.  Now, I’ll never have to worry that anyone can hear me.  It’s not only feather light, but it’s a dream to clean, pack, and move to the bench, around a room, and jury box with.  The face piece is easy to clean and makes a perfect seal with no sweat rings and marks on my face even after a full day in depos or especially court.  Thank you!!!!!!”

    Melanie Misch, Virginia CVR, AudioScribe User
  • “We were pleased with the ease this system allows in facilitating translations.”

    Dr. Barbara Christina, New York Supervisor, Bilingual/ESLTechnical Assistance Center.
  • “(The TalkSystem) allows simultaneous translations to be heard by meeting participants in a way that doesn’t disturb those around them.”

    EDCAL Newspaper of the Association of California School Administrators
  • “I don’t know how I ever lived without the system – it’s just amazing what we are able to do!”

    Lupe Simpson Parent Involvement, LAUSD
  • “The SmartMic eliminates background noise in our busy workplace while at the same time providing a private and accurate microphone for speech recognition. We don’t require a private room or office to take voice notes, Stenomask can be used anywhere.”

    K. Somner B.C. Ministry of Health
  • "More times than not I'm working on extremely loud job sites. The Stenomask allows me to communicate with my team and make calls back to the head office on the spot. It completely cuts out the ambient noise."

    Kenneth Campbell Whitewater West, Construction Manager
  • Thanks so much for the opportunity for us at Hansard to try the hands-free steno mask arm. I'll give you a brief summary of the editors' experience. We had three editors try it out, all of whom had previously used the steno mask with the strap. They each had a very positive experience with the stand and definitely preferred it. First, it was just easier and physically more comfortable to use. They were able to get it positioned in a way that allowed them to be in good upright posture, and they found it very stable. Second, users felt more in control of the amount of pressure on their mouths and surrounding muscles, which produced more relaxed speech and — voila! — more accurate transcription. One editor reported that it was the first time Dragon didn't make any mishearing errors. Third, on a practical human level, users appreciated the ability to pivot away and take a drink in order to keep their throats lubricated. They were also able to cough freely. J  It's allergy season, after all, and being able to pull away briefly to breathe (accommodating sinus issues) also prevented moisture buildup in the mask, which had been a concern for at least one person. Overall, the users who tried it loved it. One comment sums it up: "Having worked with the arm, I would choose that every time if I could." Interestingly, editors who previously had written off even trying the steno mask because of the strap-on issues have now expressed interest in giving it a go. Here in our quiet environment, the more people using masks over mics the better. Again, many thanks for the chance to give the hands-free stand a try. It was a hit!  

    Amy Reiswig Editorial Team Leader, Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
  • “We bought one of these a few months ago to help us with note-taking in our clinic. It’s important that we keep the environment quiet but still needed a way to dictate our chart notes while maintaining patient confidentiality, and this has been exactly what we needed. It’s super comfortable, and we can use it anywhere in the clinic without fear of disturbing our patients or other staff. The product itself is well built, and I’d expect it to last for as long as we need it. Recommended for any environment where you need to communicate quietly and not be overheard” 

    J.P Thuot Stillpoint Medical Clinic Stillpoint Medical Clinic

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