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SR PRO Dragon Ready Bundle

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The value packed SR Pro Dragon Ready Bundle – specifically designed and approved to perform seamlessly with Dragon Speech Recognition Software. It  includes the highest rated voice isolating, speech recognition microphone on the planet, plus a host of extras to personalize your dictation setup for optimal performance and comfort! We invented the original speech recognition stenomask, now we have perfected it.


Talk Tech’s value packed Steno SR Pro Dragon Ready Bundle includes the industry’s best speech recognition microphone engineered with proprietary micro sound-booth technology that ensures uncompromising sound quality, noise cancellation and comfort.  Plus a host of tools for professionals to personalize their dictation setup. Where other Dragon dictation microphones fail the SR Dragon delivers with:

  • Choice of stenomask- SR-Pro-1 or SR-Pro-2 – The SR Pro series (SR stands for speech recognition) are engineered with proprietary micro sound-booth technology that ensures optimal speech recognition accuracy for Dragon dictation.
  • Dragon approved external USB sound card. Your sound card is something you should seriously consider when buying a stenomask for use with Dragon. We pair our masks with a sound card that’s specifically designed to be used in conjunction with speech recognition software. Why do you want an external USB sound card instead of one built directly into your mask?  There are two very good reasons, money and reliability! Built in USB sound cards notoriously fail and when they do you have to replace your entire mask, costing you upwards of $400.00, don’t throw money away on a throw away mask!. Unlike other masks ours won’t fail when you need them most.
  • Two interchangeable face pieces – quiet cushion and over the nose- full face.  No matter what your face type or dictation style we’ve got you covered!
  • Removable and adjustable hands free strap, keep both hands free while you work.
  • Carry case – can hold two stenomasks and all your accessories.
  • Extra foam insert replacement and tuning tool.
  • Best warranty and knowledgeable, no nonsense customer service.

The SR Dragon has the highest speech recognition accuracy rate of any Stenomask on the market. What’s the secret? We’ve been engineering and manufacturing stenomask for over 75 years, in fact we invented the Stenomask. Steno SR (the SR stands for speech recognition) our 6th generation version is designed to work seamlessly with the latest digital technology, harnessing the boundless knowledge and experience that has been accumulated and refined over that time.

“Dear Talk Tech Thank you for the Steno SR Pro. I spent quite a bit of time testing the mask and I’m thrilled to report it is even better than the previous SmartMic design. Your claims are correct on all fronts. It’s considerably lighter and quieter. The speech recognition accuracy is amazing and I love the new sleeker, streamlined design. Court reporters will be very pleased! In my opinion there was no need to come up with a new mask design, yet you guys did and made it remarkably better. Congratulations, very high tech!” Bettye A. Keyes, author of “Voice Writing Method” CCR, CSR, CVR-M, RVR

“We bought one of these a few months ago to help us with note-taking in our clinic. It’s important that we keep the environment quiet but still needed a way to dictate our chart notes while maintaining patient confidentiality, and this has been exactly what we needed. It’s super comfortable, and we can use it anywhere in the clinic without fear of disturbing our patients or other staff. The product itself is well built, and I’d expect it to last for as long as we need it. Recommended for any environment where you need to communicate quietly and not be overheard” J.P Thuot Stillpoint Medical Clinic

Some of our valued customers that exclusively use Steno SR Pro include, U.S. Army Inspector General- Pentagon, U.S. Naval Justice Institute, U.S. Coast Guard, National Guard Counter-drug Task Force, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, British Columbia Legislative Assembly, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the NYC Department of Education.

Patent Pending.

All microphones come standard with a limited 1 year warranty and a 30 day return policy from date of purchase. We pride ourselves on having the best products, warranty and customer service in the industry. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions you have.




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SR Pro 1 Dragon, SR Pro-2 Dragon


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