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What is TalkSystem’s Voice-Silenced Technology?

TalkSystem is a silent, portable, wireless means of communication that is inexpensive and easy to use.

Voice-silenced technology is an approach for educators to communicate with students in their own language in a non-threatening manner. It ensures that all students receive identical instruction while at the same time removes any threat that the non-English speaking children will be isolated from their peers.

What Research Shows:

When students are relaxed, receptive, and are in touch with abundant and authentic language,
they take more risks and participate readily in the learning process.

Through the Natural Approach (Terrell), language acquisition happens in stages:

  • comprehension
  • early speech
  • speech emergence

A TalkSystem provides students with maximum support for moving through these stages.

The brain learns best with moderate challenge and high feedback, all of which must be coherent,
relevant, and meaningful.

A bridge to fluency is built when language competence is achieved effortlessly and without stress.

The TalkSystem technology provides a positively charged and enriched environment which focuses student attention to achieve success naturally, both in academic and social situations.

TalkSystems provide simultaneous interpretation, keeping language in the context of the lesson,
engaging students actively in the learning process.

Here’s what the TalkSystem Technology has done for Limited English Proficient Students in Pasco County

  • Creates interest in learning English without the threat of losing identity
  • Improves Student’s command of English through crossover derivations and contrasts
  • Creates more interest in school work in general
  • Serves as an intellectual challenge as students develop proficiency in English
  • Provides comprehensible instruction in English with Home Language support
  • Reinforces English skills on an individual basis within a mainstream/inclusion model, avoiding the isolation of LEP students
  • Negates a “Sink or Swim” philosophy
  • Helps students develop a positive self image as they become successful in day-to-day language communication
  • Helps students prepare for living and working
  • Eliminates language as a barrier to academic achievement

What Students Say About the TalkSystem:

The TalkSystem is great because I understand what the teacher is saying, I know what I need to do, and I now have good grades.

-R., Grade 7

TalkSystems is great. I think everybody can use it so they can learn more in the classroom.

– E., Grade 8

I was excited about using TalkSystem. I understood everything in the classroom.
I got better grades, and I was able to solve (Math) problems without trouble

-A., Grade 7

I learned that the underground railroad during the civil war had nothing to do with a train, but it was the hidden path to freedom.

-S., Grade 8

Here’s what the TalkSystem Technology has done to Increase Parent Involvement in Pasco County

The involvement of families is one of the most crucial features that contributes to the success of students in school; yet, it is one of the most difficult to implement.

A TalkSystem helps to:

  • Provides parental support at home for the school’s educational programs
  • Set up native language orientation programs for families on the American school system
  • Create literacy
  • Facilitate native language participation in the parent’s native language(s)
  • Involve minority language parents as advocates for school programs
  • Encourage parental involvement to help with field trips, mentoring
  • Join forces in support and collaboration of education priorities
  • Ensure that education is culturally and linguistically sound
  • Empowers families to participate meaningfully in the educational decision-making process

A product of the “TALK to ME” Project of the Pasco County School District

*** This is a transcription of a pamphlet giving a summary of the results from the 1998 TALK TO ME! project conducted by Pasco Middle School, Pasco County, FL.

**Minor changes have been made due to changes in privacy laws, corrections in spelling/grammer, and original contact information at Pasco has been omitted as it is no longer valid.

*Current and historical links have been provided for references and resources.