The missing piece to your schools emergency response plan

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Throughout our educational system additional strategies must be deployed to reduce the risk to school students and staff. We have observed through studies of mass shootings that information dissemination in a timely manner is critical to saving lives and reducing the golden hour medically.

Communication and leveraging technologies to enable an expeditious capability for processing information is crucial. The tools need to be in place not only before an event, not only during an event, but after an event. We’ve got to be able to talk. We’ve got to be able to communicate. If something happens, teachers and students must be able to communicate with emergency resources and personal contacts to get them into a safe place and to monitor issues inside the building. In addition, we must be able to contact any other resource needed from the first responder community in a timely manner.

However, in the event of a lock down the school procedure checklist mandates everyone to remain completely silent along with the silencing of all cell phones and other electronics. How then does a teacher or student communicate in real time with outside resources while remaining completely silent? Even if they can communicate, they risk being compromised in a deadly environment.
There is a simple yet extremely effective solution.

Privo is a voice silencing handset microphone that performs in the exact same manner as the world’s best sound booths only in miniature form – thus allowing one to verbally communicate without being overheard by others while simultaneously eliminating all background noise, something absolutely critical in any emergency communication plan. Privo can connect wired or wireless to a smartphone, computer, intercom or 2-way radio.

Privo for students, teachers, and school staff during an emergency lock-down situation

  • Call emergency services, outside resources, other staff, without being overheard and in turn not further alarming already scared and distraught students and staff
  • Remain on the line and actively communicate in real time in the same manner you would in any emergency situation without exposing your location and current situation.
  • The ability to verbally communicate with professional, calm, and collected individuals to prepare, guide and advise you on the situation and actions required
  • Blocks loud ambient noise ensuring crystal clear voice communication
  • Simple, user-friendly technology – simply power on, leveraging existing infrastructure and technologies to connect to your desired device, and begin speaking privately within seconds
  • Cost effective, zero maintenance solution to overcome complicated and cumbersome challenges during high-risk situations.

Keeping students and campus personnel safe should be at the top of every school’s agenda. Given the duration of most school attacks, it is crucial to have prevention efforts and critical communication response plans in place. Privo is a vital tool helping your school overcome its critical crisis preparedness shortcomings.

Talk Technologies is the world leader in private voice communication and has been supporting schools and school districts for over 30 years. Our specialized microphones are used by schools, industry, and government institutions in every state across the USA and around the World. We offer deep educational and non-profit discounts and can work within any educational budgetary limit. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding products and the role they can fulfill in the requirements to enhance school safety and security into the future.


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